HER Coach Services

This program exists because its goal is different. A woman’s core and pelvic floor is the main focus for this class. Often that means working with other professionals beyond HER Coach. Tiffanie has an excellent working with relationship with many pelvic floor physiotherapists around the city of Winnipeg, MB.

Below are some resources for you.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

HER Coach and Kelly Small Physiotherapy have an excellent working relationship that gives you MORE. As a pregnant and postpartum athleticism coach, I highly recommend everyone get guidance from a pelvic floor PT (physical therapist). 
Pelvic floor PT’s are able to assess and treat the pelvic floor from an internal standpoint (only if you are comfortable) and provide further guidance to me as your coach.
Bonus, if you have extended health care, in most cases, you can claim pelvic PT with your physiotherapy benefits whereas with my consultations they are not covered by any extended healthcare plan in Canada.
Kelly works with you in a 1 to 1 appointment setting, that is private and confidential in a cozy comfortable nook that she has set out in her home in River Heights. She is amply set up with a home gym to further tune into specifics with some equipment on hand.
With your permission/consent, Kelly and I work together to ensure we are delivering the best exercise class experience for you, tailored to your individual core and pelvic floor considerations.
If you have been working with another pelvic floor physiotherapist, that’s great too! 
Just as you would if you met with Kelly, I would love to gather an idea of what you and your pelvic floor PT are working on. This helps you & I have a game plan for what you’re experience in my classes will be like.