HER Coach Prices

All the options below, monthly or passes require the foundational one-on-one consultation with Tiffanie before proceeding.

Monthly Membership

2 classes/week
$152 plus tax/per month

Each class is tailored to deliver a unique approach to your training needs through your pregnancy and postpartum!

Guided expert coaching
Exercise strategies for pregnancy & post-partum
Continual intentional reevaluation
Individually tailored programming

Class Pass

10 classes
$210/plus tax
6 month expiry

One-on-One Training

$90/hour plus tax
Prepare you for class
Unique individualized strategies
Completely personalized training
Diastasis Recti Assessment
Current and future goal planning
Exercises and movement that pertain to your activity


$25/plus tax
Please Note:
  • Class passes are available for purchase for those that maybe can only attend once per week on the current available class schedule.
  • Class passes are typically not recommended if you are truly looking to make progress with your fitness.
  • Class passes are perfect if you are already an existing gym goer & want to pop into classes to learn a particular skill or touch base on a particular movement when it comes to your core & pelvic floor. Reach out if this is your reason for purchasing so I understand & can best help you.
  • Just like the monthly classes, if you register for a class and do not attend, your class does not transfer over.

Discovery Call

20 Minute Phone or Video Call

How Do I Pay?

When you submit your request, I will process your request and email you to coordinate payment details. 
HER Coach accepts the following methods of payment, credit card, debit, e-transfer, cheque or cash. We can also set up automatic withdrawals via credit card. All services are non-refundable within reason. 
If you have any questions simply email me at hercoachwpg@gmail.com