Frequently Asked Questions

Head on over to our sign up page to submit your enrolment. SIGN UP HERE

Once your enrolment is confirmed you will receive login details for Jane App. Through here you will head on over to the online booking page for Kinetically Whole Therapies & HER Coach and you will see the group classes on the calendar. You can register yourself for classes there.

Classes run Tuesday and Thursdays at 10:30am

We are located at Norak CrossFit, 51 Heaton Ave. in the exchange district of downtown Winnipeg.

Yes, we have free parking!

If you are signed up for a monthly membership nothing changes. You lose out on the class & classes will not be transferred into the next month. If you have a class pass, same thing. If you have any concerns or issues, just email me

Yes. Head over to the ‘Get Started’ page for more details.

Workout clothes, indoor shoes, water bottle. That’s all YOU need. The bigger question is what does your baby need, ha!

Yes. Infants & children are welcome, just remember they are always still under your care when you are attending class. Feel free to bring car seats, strollers, carriers or any item that you feel safe using with your infant. Infants who are not crawling are easiest. Mobile infants get more challenging. It is always your responsibility to show up early to set up your child prior to the class beginning. We will continue working to make this class as accessible as possible within reason! Some days go super smooth and others a bit more challenging. At the end of the day, we are adaptable!

Bring an infant carrier! This is the easiest way to continue your active involvement while attending to the needs of your baby. Working out with your child attached to you, IS possible and it’s my job to help you with that. If you ever have any questions about how a class went, please do not hesitate and reach out. I’m here to break down barriers, not build them up.

Please head to the fees page for more information.

Your month renews the next month on the same day. Start on the 15th? Next month you will be billed on the 15th.

HER Coach can accept credit card, e-transfer, cheque and cash. We can also set up your package or membership for auto-renew should you wish to go that route with a credit card.

Workout time is 1-hour. Please come early to set yourself up if you are bringing your child and need that extra moment before class begins. After class, if you need a space to feed your baby, change them, etc. there is space. Whether it is right where we are, or moving to a clear space that is not in use, you will have a moment to settle baby and gather your things before heading home.

ALWAYS. Never question how you need to feed your baby. Breast, bottle, chest, all are welcome & encouraged in any public space. Feed yo baby!