An Exercise Program Designed for Pregnant and Postpartum People

HER Coach is a strength, conditioning, and movement-based exercise program specifically for the needs of pregnant and post-partum people, located in Winnipeg, MB.

What is HER Coach?

HER Coach is a strength, conditioning and movement-based exercise program designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum people! HER is actually an acronym for Healing, Empowerment, and Rehabilitation. The HER philosophy and program will guide you through your athleticism during these next phases in your life.

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Classes & Prices (Updated for Summer 2020!)

Monthly Membership

1 class per week

$76/per month
Guided Expert Coaching
Exercise strategies for pregnancy
Exercice strategies post-partum
Continual intention reevaluation
Individually tailored programming

One-on-One Training

Single Personal Session

Everything you'd get in class plus,
One-on-one approach
Personalized training

Are you a pregnant or postpartum person looking for guidance on your training, body, and overall health during these chapters or your life?